Classic 1925 Remington Portable Typewriter

The Remington Portable was one of the first popular portables, and features folding typebars to allow this machine to be slimmer and more compact


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Step back in time with this classic Remington Portable Typewriter from 1925. Crafted in the USA, this machine revolutionized typing with its innovative folding typebars, allowing for a more compact and portable design. The typebars can be easily raised, ready for action, with a simple lever mechanism.

While it appears to be in working order, this typewriter is sold “as is,” making it a perfect acquisition for both practical use and aesthetic display. It comes with its original case, which bears the marks of its rich history. This typewriter is not just a writing instrument; it’s a slice of history and a very special vintage collectible.

Keyboard layout : Qwerty

Condition: Pre-owned, Used condition, Ideal as a decorative piece or restoration. Comes with the original case (note: case has sustained damage over the years)

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**Appreciate zooming the photos to evaluate cosmetic condition


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Pre-owned, Untested, Used – Good

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