AudioSonic CT-133 Walkman – Cassette Player – Eighties Soul!

Ready to rock the retro way? The AudioSonic CT-133 is your ticket to relive the eighties—one beat at a time!


Step back into the vibrant eighties with the AudioSonic CT-133 portable cassette player—a timeless piece that’s not just a music player; it’s a nostalgia trip. This vintage gem comes with the iconic retro headphone with the orange ear cushions. This walkman isn’t just a gadget; it’s a time machine, ready to play your favorite tunes in that classic eighties style. Paired with vintage headphones featuring those signature orange cushions, this combo is a blast from the past.

Pre-owned but far from tired, this AudioSonic CT-133 portable cassette player is in good working and cosmetic condition, complete with the authentic charm of the eighties. Sure, it’s got a few marks—remnants of a life well-lived and music well-loved.

The AudioSonic CT-133 portable cassette player isn’t just a walkman; it’s a journey to the soundtrack of the eighties. From your favorite mixtapes to the warmth of analog sound, this vintage piece brings back the essence of a bygone era.


Brand : Audio Sonic
Made in: Taiwan
Type: Portable Stereo Cassette Player
Battery: 2 x AA (not included)
Power Supply: 3V DC (not included)

Condition: Item is Pre-owned, Tested cassette playback, in good working order. The walkman has some minor wears of use and some minor scratches. But overall in a good cosmetic condition. Note, this walkman has originally no rewind button, but only a fast forward function.

* the wooden stand and cassettes in the background are for decoration and not part of this sale


Weight 0,5 kg







Pre-owned, Used – Very Good

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