Dual CS 1225 Automatic Turntable – Record Player

Unlock the nostalgia of vinyl with the iconic Dual 1225 Automatic Turntable. Immerse yourself in the warm, authentic sound that vinyl enthusiasts cherish.


A vintage Dual CS 1224 automatic turntable from the 1970’s in good cosmetic and working condition. The Dual 1225 is an idler drive turntable with automatic operation tonearm operation. Comes with Audio Technics stylus and original dust cover. This is a fairly heavy turntable with a very decent weight in the platter , It has two speeds 33 / 45 rpm and pitch control for fine tuning. The turntable was produced by Gebr. Steidinger in Germany. The Dual CS 1225 has suspension that takes up acoustic and mechanical vibrations.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of audio history. The Dual 1225 Turntable is ready to bring your vinyl collection to life with its timeless design and unparalleled performance.

Brand : Dual
Made in : Germany
Model: CS 1225 – Dual
Year: 1974 – 1976

Drive: Two-pole Dual single-phase asynchronous motor
Platter: 1.45kg 270mm diameter
Speeds: 33.3 and 45rpm
Pitch control: one semitone (6%)
Wow and flutter: +-0.15%
Signal to noise ratio: 55dB weighted rumble
Tonearm: rigid tubular aluminium arm with vertical pivot mounting, Horizontal self-adjusting pivot mounting
Pickup head: removable
Stylus pressure: continuously variable from 0-8g

Operating voltage: 220 – 220V – 50 Hz
Weight: 4,9 kg

Condition: Pre-owned, used item. Basic testing and service has been done, played a few records (33 rpm). Plays ok, and sounds ok! The dust cover has some minor scratches and a cracked corner that has been repaired. Minor signs of wear add character to this vintage piece. but overall in a very good condition (please see pictures).

Note: The broken corner of the dust cover has been carefully repaired, ensuring that it still fulfills its primary function of protecting the turntable.

* Please note this power cable comes with an EU power plug and a DIN-plug for audio output


Weight 5,5 kg



Pre-owned, Used – Very Good





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