Sony Walkman YP-ER20 “Salt Lake Glider”

This YPPY YP-ES21 Sony walkman is a rare and unique piece of music player history, just for one season Sony offered the YPPY series Walkman.


A YPPY series Sony Cassette Walkman introduced in 1996. The Japanese design stood out because of the unusual “fashion” styling of the ten different models.
Technically a basic but with a very distinct design that still now stands out as modern and progressive. to open the inside slides out, very unusual.

It features auto reverse, Mega Bass, AVLS and a normal/Metal tape selector.

No headphones, belt-clip missing and no batteries included.

Tested, plays cassette, forwards and rewinds. Auto-reverse not working, jumps back to side A. With no cassette the Auto-reverse works. This maybe due to a loose belt.

Runs on 2 x AA batteries

Weight 0,500 kg

Pre-owned, Used – Good


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