Vintage Sharp PC-5000 Portable Computer with Built-in Printer

Embark on a journey through computing history with the Sharp PC-5000 Personal Computer. This collector’s item, pre-owned and brimming with nostalgia


Dive into the past with this collector’s gem – the Sharp PC-5000 Portabel Computer. A piece of computing history, pre-owned and packed with nostalgia. This rare find includes two Sharp Bubble cartridges featuring insurance software (in Dutch).

Comes with the original adapter. The battery is defective, but fear not, it works seamlessly when connected to the adapter. Explore the connectivity of the 80s with the included DMM23 modem.

While the print-head is able to move and the paper rolls, it currently doesn’t print. The LCD has some LCD bleed around the edges. Notably, this doesn’t affect the screen where the text is displayed.

Own a piece of computing nostalgia with the Sharp PC-5000 – a collector’s dream that whispers tales of the early days of personal computing.


NAME:  PC-5000
YEAR : 1983
BUILT IN LANGUAGE :  Microsoft Basic 1.0
KEYBOARD : Full-stroke 72 keys with 8 function keys and arrow keys (English, German and French versions)
CPU : Intel 8088
SPEED : 4.77 Mhz
RAM : 128k, up to 256k (Magnetic Bubble Memory, 64k and 128k modules)
ROM : 192k (64k system program + 128k for Basic/MS-DOS)
TEXT MODES : 80 chars x 8 lines (LCD screen)
GRAPHIC MODES : 640 x 80 dots
COLORS : Monochrome
SOUND : Beeper
SIZE / WEIGHT 325 (W) x 305 (D) x 85 mm (H) / 4.5 Kg

  • Bubble memory cartridge slot
  • Serial port (proprietary)
  • RS232c port
  • Bus expansion port
  • Tape-recorder

POWER SUPPLY : 12vdc 850mA / External (220V, 60Hz)


The Sharp PC-5000 is in  an overall very good cosmetic and working condition. Some basic testing has been done. Printer doesn’t work properly (we couldn’t get it printing).  One screw/clamp on the top plastic cover of the printer is missing (nothing serious, see picture). Battery not charging (due to age)

* Please note this computer comes with an EU power plug.

** Monitor, disk drive and games not included

Weight 9,000 kg



Pre-owned, Used – Very Good

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