Vintage LUPIN Tabletop LCD Game – TOMY Japan

1981 RARE Tabletop game from TOMY Japan, offers unique features and is totally portable!


1981 RARE Tabletop game from TOMY Japan, which plays a a brilliant arcade game which incorporates multiple styles, including maze and shooting levels. This game features a large multi-colored display.

This example of the game is in good, fully tested condition. The case and colors are in excellent condition, no wear or fading. Some minor scratches on the decal on the left bottom edge of the screen, but otherwise still in excellent shape, and great fun to play, condition 9/10.

Made in: Japan
Release year: 1981
Screen type: LCD
Number of screens: 1
Number of screen layers: 1
Power: Battery 4 x C or 6v ac adapter (adapter and batteries not included)
Shape: tabletop
Number of players: 1 player

Weight 0,500 kg



Pre-owned, Used – Very Good


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