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The Palm IIIxe is a PDA from Palm Computing


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The Palm IIIxe was introduced into the marketplace in February 2000 as one of the two remaining models (the other being the Palm IIIc) in the III series line of Palm’s Personal Digital Assistants.

The Palm IIIxe unit came in a black flip lid with an infrared port at top which lets users beam memos, addresses, etc. to another Palm handheld or personal computer. With the right software, the IIIxe can also be used as a universal remote control.

At the bottom of the unit is a serial port for hotsyncing to the user’s desktop computer by way of a cradle. The serial port can also support various peripherals including the PalmPix camera, and The Stowaway foldable and Gotype keyboards.

The Palm is complete with docking station, user manuals and original box.


* The Rubik’s cube is not included



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