Philips CDI 450 CDi player set + Digital Video cartridge + controller + Game

Philips CDI 450 CDi player / game console. A very rare classic “gaming” console from the early 90’s. A cool nostalgic item from the nineties to play interactive games and watch picture cd and Video CD


Philips CDI 450 CDi player / game console. A very rare nostalgic “gaming” console from the early 90’s for playing interactive CD-i games. This version comes with the Digital Video Cartridge in order to playback Video CD’s. Watch your nostalgic pictures on a photo cd or classic movies on Video CD.

This set comes with:

  • an original CDi remote controller
  • CDi game : “7th Guest” (English – 2CD -Dutch booklet)
  • AV cable
  • Power adapter

Power supply accepts worldwide voltages, 100v-240v, (all you may require is an adapter for your wall socket plug, it currently has an EU style plug, but that is easily changed for your local format, or solved with a travel adapter.)

Reads and plays interactive discs and games, back-up discs, CD-r, Photo CD’s, Audio CD’s, (Video CD’s, Philips CD-i VCD only with Digital Video cartridge) ; Digital Video Cartridge included!

CD-i players are region-free, and CD-i discs don’t have copy protection, so home made backups play just fine.

Video output is PAL, but when using an RGB scart output that should not be an issue with any TV with scart inputs. (scart adapter not included)

ready to use, plug and play.

* Please note this adapter comes with an EU plug.
* Monitor not included

Tested in good working condition

Weight 2,5 kg



Pre-owned, Used – Very Good



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